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The Northwest Georgia Crime Examiner individually compiles charge accounts that covers the Polk County region. These reviews are for local media purposes. PCSO View all 20 images Down the page will be the County arrest record for Friday May 7, 2015. The survey carries a complete list of arrests, data regarding accessible prisoner images, connection information and previous arrests. All data is received from the County Sheriff’s Office, unless specified otherwise. The following persons were busted and charged with the violations the following. Click the embedded links within each number to see the entire previous arrests record. Links to arrests prior to 2009 won’t be integrated. James Alexander of Cedartown was busted on the store for County.

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Brice Allen Bowman of Cedartown billed with ownership of control meth and utilization of drug-related items and was busted. Bowman stays at this publication’s time in custody. View also (4/7/2014) Michael Bridges of Cedartown was caught on two matters disappointment to appear in magistrate court. Connections premiered the same time after paying money that was $822. Maxwell Branton of Cartersville was charged on a hold for Bartow County. Ayunna Brown of Rockmart was charged over a cause for probation violation. Brown remains at the time of the book in custody.

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See also (2/6/2014) Carrie Jeanette Brown, 28, of Cedartown was caught and priced with property of weed and possession control of meth and use of drug-related items. Brown remains at this publication’s time in custody. Home securities totaling $7,100 have now been established. Ashley Neil Carroll, thirty, of Cedartown was imprisoned and charged with person of methods used for the fee of crime, prison theft by acquiring and loitering. Carroll remains in custody during the time with this guide. Residence ties totaling $7,100 have been arranged. See also (3/15/2015) Kevin Lewis Clark of Rockmart was arrested on a cause for probation violation. Clark stays in custody at this publication’s time. See also (3/10/2015) Scott Crunkelton of Silver Creek was arrested on infringement of a good behaviour bond and a warrant for inability to look.

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Crunkelton remains during the time of the publication in custody. Income securities totaling $1,865 have been set. David Harrington of Rockmart was arrested and billed with control of meth, drug related loitering, felony burglary by using and ownership of tools useful for crime’s payment. Harrington stays during the time of the book in custody. Property bonds totaling $12,100 happen to be fixed. View also (4/7/2014) Macy Wayne, 21, of Rockmart was arrested on a guarantee for probation violation. Adam stays in custody at this publication’s time. See also (6/25/2014) William Michael Kay, 23, of Rockmart was caught on four counts failure to look.

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Kay remains in custody at this publication’s time. View also (9/2/2014) Michelle Latimore, 34, of Rockmart was busted on the guarantee for inability to appear and probation violation. Latimore stays at the time of the newsletter in custody. See also (8/29/2012) Nichole Neal of Cartersville incurred and was arrested with property of weed and possession of the timetable IV controlled material. Neal stays in custody at that time with this distribution. 100 have already been arranged. Ramsey Ruben of Rockmart was busted and incurred with driving without a valid permit.

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Ruben was launched on 5/8 after posting a $1,410 property relationship. Wayne Shanks, 29, of Cedartown charged and was charged with felony burglary by using, possession of meth, person of cannabis and possession and usage of drug related items. Shanks premiered on 5/10 after publishing home bonds totaling $17,200. View also (2/4/2015) Preston Heart Shooks of Cedartown was caught over a hold for Floyd Region where he is incurred with first-degree theft. See also (7/15/2014) Andrew Tucker of Cedartown was busted on the warrant for probation violation. Tucker remains in custody at that time of this newsletter. See also (6/7/2014) Austen Weaver of Cedartown was imprisoned over a guarantee for inability to appear.

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Weaver was launched on 5/8 after spending $1,240 income. View also (6/4/2014) Brian West, 27, of Rockmart was charged and priced with driving on suspended permit, suspended tag and malfunction to change data within 60-days of address change. Northwest stays at the time with this publication in custody. Home bonds totaling $4,495 happen to be set. The arrest reports through this record don’t replicate the individual or persons listed’s actual shame or purity. All celebrations are presumed innocent till they’re established guilty in a judge of regulation. Charge or not every arrest results in a conviction. An or an acquittal will be determined by the court process.

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